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About Us

As professional travel agents, travel is our passion and our life work. It’s what we do every day. Jipa Connection provides ground vessels services to customers and travelers around the world.

 Arranging connection to top destinations in all over the region, Jipa Connection work hard to provide friendly and professional services to all passengers from around the globe with booking hassle free. A rapid growth of our customers and their suggestions have helped us to pick only the best possible bus operators just to meet their expectations, all run parallel with bus booking system with a powerful technology to quickly process their bookings and payments in minutes.

We are so much grateful to all of more than 1,600 passengers (and number keeps growing) who have used our services since we started our operation in two years ago and we have to accept that they have been a fuel to our business to continue. We are achieving this by staying true to the basic principles on which Jipa Connection was first founded – listen to a customer. We want to be sure that our customers have access to top fleet at the lowest possible prices while saving their valuable time and getting excellent value for money services.

Our contact center is open 7 days a week and can be reached from wherever you are. Customer care-desk is working hard to make sure that your travel arrangement remains as you were expecting and of course our first priority is you in the travel industry and so you enable us to offer you simple, easy to use, affordable, short and informative services as well as special care you won’t find anywhere else. You are the reason why we are here. If anything unexpected occurs on the process of booking your trip, our team of expert will make sure it is solved. 


No need to spend hours researching different alternatives while we've already done the work for you. Spend little time on searching your fleet. Time matters when you surf on internet and reaching what you need at one time can be a challenge. We are looking forward to grow the service to widen the ground to shop more stuffs at one store because we want you to shop here more and more.